About me

My time as a programmer isn't that long yet, but even in only a few years time I have been able to learn numerous programming language relating to web development. I have a solid understanding of the basics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP with experience in the use of frameworks, such as Laravel, templating engines, databases using MySQL, and AJAX. Op top of my actual web development skills, I am also proficient with Microsoft office programs and Adobe Photoshop.

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My hobbies and interests


I have been playing video games since I was 7 years old, and I continue to enjoy doing so to this day. My first gamesystem I got was a Game Boy Advance sp with Pokémon Fire Red and I have been a fan of the series ever since.Nintendo My favorite games are usually RPGs and strategy games, but I also enjoy games that I can play with friends, like Super Smash bros., Mario Kart and Minecraft. Some of my favorite series Pokémon as I mentioned previously, Fire Emblem and Persona. I also enjoy collecting games and related items sometimes, mainly special editions. Outside of playing games myself I also enjoy watching people play games on websites like Youtube and Twitch.


Legend of the Galactic HeroesOutside of gaming I also enjoy watching anime. I first stumbled upon anime through a random funny video I saw, which led me to look up what the source was and I have been watching anime ever since. As a medium anime has a lot of variety which I really like about it as it give me many options for things I would like to watch depending on my mood, for example I could watch something that's just mindless fun or I could watch something with a deeper message that makes me think or look at the world differently. Some of my favorite series include Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure and Re:Zero.


I am very interested in Japanese culture as you may have noticed earlier. This is not only in media, like games and anime, but also other areas, such as history and their way of life. I have held this interest for a long time and do not quite remember when it started. It has lead me to also want to learn the language which I can both read and speak now at a basic level. For this I studied at Hogeschool Zuyd and during this time I was also given the opportunity to travel there as part of a homestay program. I had a great time doing interesting activities, like being part of a local festival and tasting the local cuisine. Staying with a host family was also a unique experience as I had to rely on my Japanese skills as they did not know english very well, but I had a great time there with them. After the homestay ended I also went to Tokyo and Kyoto with a few fellow students and went to see the sights there. It was a very fun experience and it was interesting to see both the big cities and the shrines and temples. I would love to go back some time as there is still a lot left for me to see.


At home we like animals a lot so we have a number of pets, including fish in a pond outside, a fluffy rabbit named Luna, and a cat named Charlie. Charlie is a very cute cat who prefers to do her own thing but also enjoys being with us from time to time as well. She likes going outside but also lazes around the house a lot, she love getting pet but cares less about being picked up, and when she wants something she will make a praying motion towards whatever it is she wants. In short she is a great cat and I love her a lot.

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